Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cigar and Pipe Smoking

In the mid-seventies, I saw a segment on ABC EyeWitness News claiming that the tobacco used in both cigars and pipes is cured differently from that used in cigarettes. Tobacco used in cigarettes is far more acidic and therefore more likely to contribute to "acidosis" in users (q.v.)

In 1972, research was done on pipe and tobacco users that showed two cigars a day and four bowls of pipe tobacco a day did not have any deleterious effects on health. This research was ignored and buried at first. Now, it is contradicted.

The contradictions focus primarily on oral health, You will get oral cancer, You will get throat cancer. You will get esophygeal cancer. Your teeth will fall out prematurely. Your teeth will be discolored. You'll have more cavities, bad breath, even your tongue will become cancerous!!!

Yes, maybe if you have a cigar or a pipe hanging out of your mouth most of the day ... every day. These idiots keep ignoring the original research findings ... two cigars a day - no more;  four pipe bowls a day - no more!

These bastards are lying through their teeth! Enjoy your two Cohibas or your four bowls of Samuel Gawith aged Navy Flake or Latakia or Perique, just don't exceed the limit. Especially, don't hang a pipe or stogie from your mouth all day long!!!

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