Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Introducing Koshihikari Echigo Beer

This Japanese Beer comes highly recommended by the publisher of the nynotes blog (

I'm a big fan of Japanese booze, from Suntory Whiskey (picture Bill Murray in Sophia Coppola's "Lost in Translation") to Okinawan awamori. This beer is an interesting compilation of the usual Malt and Wheat Grain, with the addition of Corn, Koshihikari Rice and Hops. For beer ratings, I'm partial to using THE BEER ADVOCATE website. Koshihikari Echigo is rated a little better than "mens-a-mens" there.

It's supposed to be a favorite beer to drink when having sushi. Outside of the big cities, obtaining this beer probably requires special order. Let's see, Suntory Whiskey and Koshihikari Echigo beer ... that would make a Nipponese Boiler Maker wouldn't it?


  1. Eichigo's Stout is even better.



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