Monday, December 20, 2010

Meade for Your Holiday Parties

We've got booze made from Rice, Corn, Potatoes, Grapes and Apples. How about the booze made from Bees - Meade? I'm reminded of a scene from the film "The 13th Warrior" in which Antonio Banderas' arab character is offered it by his Viking friend. He declines, citing Islam's prohibition of the consumption of any "fermented grape or grain" ... to which the Viking laughs as he says, "It's made from honey!"

Talk about a loophole!

By the way, Banderas' character commences to gulp the meade immediately. Maybe we should ship a few cases to The Taliban?

Here's a website that will tell you everything about Meade, including how to make your own from scratch and even start your own little cottage industry. It's not just for educational purposes, but for interactive exchange as well ... with its own blog, forums, newsletter and interesting links. Please let me know what you think of it. Thanks!

[P.S., if you ever hear the word Melomel mentioned, this is what it means. It's either honey wine made using fruit (especially berries), or it is a fruit wine that has been mixed with Meade. Here is a definition given by Frank Androczi, owner of The Little Hungary Farm Winery, in West Virginia: "Melomel is an all natural wine made from honey, grapes, apples and pears."  That's his own recipe brought over from his native Hungary.]

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