Monday, November 15, 2010

False Flags and Chinese Comments: Hormone Heads Infiltrate The MRM!

Come to "The He Man Woman Haters Club", hang out with the rest of us guys; burping and farting and talking dirty! WOW! Just "men talk" - about men's issues. Get things off your chest. Network with other guys. Then get told  "Quit pimpin' your sites on MY forum!" by the club's Hormone Head-in-charge ( a woman who steals the Jack Nicholson line from Batman (1989), "Wait'll they get a load of ME!").

Same for "The Men's Club", which is billed as some kind of a lounge for guys to visit and relax - you know, let it all hang out. Let's talk men's issues -  sports and stuff. Cool! Next thing you know, you're knee-deep in males having sexual identity crises! [I'm not giving the links to these sites for obvious reasons.]

Other False Flags entail male feminist sites, "Iron John"-type sites and gay hook-up sites. Trust only those that show clear indications of being primarily involved with men's rights and issues. Clues are MRA, MRM, misandry, false accusers and DV.

At the same time, if you have a blog or forum devoted to men's rights and issues, be on the lookout for attempts to sabotage your Comments section. Young Hormone Heads like to post the equivalent of autistic echolalia, links to feminist sites and, lately, posts in Russian or Chinese! Review your comments regulary to weed this crap out quickly, otherwise they become an annoying eyesore.

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