Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feminism and It's Ties to Cigarette Smoking

I watch a show titled "The Not So Hidden Agenda" on Public Access (Yes, I admit it). A repetitive theme covered by its creators concerns a man named Edward L. Bernays.

Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, is considered by many to be "The Father of Public Relations". He's also been christened "The Father of Spin" by author Larry Tye [].

According to the Not So Hidden Agenda, all of this traces back to Bernay's work for the tobacco industry; in which he pushed cigarette smoking to women by linking it to emancipation and empowerment, the two fundamental pillars of feminism. In proper chronological timeline sequence, this was taking place during the post World War I era (the roaring twenties). Feminism was not a social acretion of the 1960's, with a possible beginning in World War II (Rosie the Riveter).

Feminism was an invention of a man named Edward L. Bernays, using rebellion and the lure of 'forbidden fruit' to increase profits for what we now call Big Tobacco. Shades of Eve!

For more information, please check out [].

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  1. Interesting blog you've got here. Another "voice for men" is always a good thing, especially when it is not quite exactly the same as any other one. The more variety, the less stereotypification opportunity.

    One of Bernays's books is available online as a PDF -- I wish I could remember where. It's actually a very dull, tame read by today's standards.


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