Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doug Schocke, Ph.D. - You CAN Get A Doctorate in Men's Studies!

The place to enroll is Union Institue. It's regionally accredited too ... not some bogus self-accredited money-making scameroo! Doug Schocke got his doctorate in 1994 and claims to have been only the fourth or fifth person to do it at that time.

Union Institute was accredited when I went for my masters, back in the mid-eighties - so we're talking around twenty-five years of existence as such. The beauty of it is that you've got to design your own curriculum and select your own Ph.D. as your field faculty advisor. You must get the OK from the resident faculty at Union before proceeding further, but that's capable of being negotiated, especially using the advocacy of your advisor (and anyone else you can recruit).

The programs there are generally cheaper than anywhere else and of shorter duration, if you don't change your curriculum or slack off in any way. It does demand self-discipline of you!

Only your field faculty advisor receives a stipend from Union Institute for his or her efforts. To supplement my advisor, I went to The American Psychological Association (APA) and looked up the division that suited my program. I discovered I could enroll as a student member and list the other members with whom I either met or corresponded as advisors also. By the way, I found Division 27 (Community Psychology) an invaluable ally in my efforts.

Here's Doug Schocke's source link for further reading:

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