Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good Booze From American Micro-Distilleries!!

Which states are known for their potatoes? Maine and Idaho right? Well. guess what Maine and Idaho are doing with their extra potatoes? Making damn fine potato vodka!

And all this time you were thinking it's the Polish.

I've tried Idaho's own Teton Glacier Vodka. Fantastic, IMHO! I got the 750 ml size that comes in a decanter. It's both crystal and charcoal filtered, and it takes advantage of the latest in booze-making technology. Only Rocky Mountain well water is used to make it. Great taste, smooth, not expensive ... but hard to find in my neck of the woods.

Even harder for me to find are the potato vodkas from Maine. The first one I ever came across is Cold River Vodka. The newest one I've discovered is Twenty 2 Vodka. These are both on my to-do list, in terms of tracking them down and placing an order for each.

Oregon is another state to look at for quality micro-distillery booze. Bendistillery there puts out a vodka that they claim is filtered ten times. Its vodka also comes in favors, such as Hot Pepper and Hazelnut Espresso. They also make a strong juniper berry gin that has received good reviews. Here's one one from the Alcohol Reviews website:

Cascade Gin (95 proof) comes from, imagine this, Oregon! Oregon has emerged in the world of wine, so why not gin? Cascade Mountain Gin is made by Bendistillery, the same artisans who craft Crater Lake vodkas and Desert Juniper Gin. Unlike nearly every other gin, it isn't utterly colorless- there's a slight straw tint, that is claimed to be the result of using natural juniper and not bothering to try to filter the color out. Cascade is a light flavored, drisp gin. One of our gin loving tasters described it as fabulous and swears by it, using it to make martinis and gin and tonics. Though 1 higher proof than Beefeater, it isn't bracing. It's soft. Nicely done. (Rating ****1/4)

Check out the Bendistillery website for quite a show!

How about vodka made from Blue Corn? Try this "boutique distillery" near Los Alamos, New Mexico

If you know of any other "Made in the U.S.A." distilleries producing new and unique vodka, gin, whiskey or 100% rye, please let me know.

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