Thursday, December 2, 2010

Got Any New Cocktail Recipes? Want To Try Some New Cocktails?

I use whenever I get the chance. It showed me that a drink I thought I'd invented was already an established one (The Harry Denton).

Take a cocktail with which you are familiar and check out how many variations there are, one of which you might actually prefer over the original. To avoid getting stuck with something you cannot stand, look at the drink's rating (from one to ten stars), based on how many votes were cast for or against it.

If you have invented a new drink of your own or simply discovered one that isn't well known yet, you can go to the "Forum and Chat" section, and find the Recipe Exchange. Here's an example of a recipe that caught my eye, as an old fan of Jack LaLane and his Juicer commercials:

Subject: New: Jack Lalane Juicer
From: NYRomy
Posted: Thu Nov 4. 2010, 23:45 UTC

Served in a highball glass. Double amounts for pint glass.

1/3 oz Malibu Passion
1/3 oz Apple Vodka
1/3 oz 99 Bananas
splash cran
splash grenadine
Fill with Pineapple juice

Shake well and serve ungarnished. 

I now serve more of these in my bar than I do Captain and Cokes.

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